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THE TIME OF FOOTSTEPS by Nancy Zendora -- New York Premiere

    The Zendora Dance Company opened its 25th season with the premier performance of A TIME OF FOOTSTEPS: Impressions of Giacometti by Nancy Zendora. All performances took place at La Plaza Cultural Community Garden located on the southwest corner of 9th Street and Avenue C. Performances were August 12, 13, 14 and 19, 20, 21.

    In A TIME OF FOOTSTEPS, the Zendora Dance Company brings to life the austere, isolated mystery of Giacometti’s sculptural works. Premiering at La Plaza Cultural, Nancy Zendora’s newest work takes the audience from the unrelenting pace of the sizzling city to a world shaped by sculpture, sound and silence. This Lower East Side Community Garden, an outdoor performance space that is in the vanguard of presenting contemporary arts, is a remarkably apt setting for this haunting exploration of powerful relationships between figures in space and the profound connections between internal and external realities.

    The company collaborated with musicians and artists to achieve a stunning palette of visual and acoustic textures. Jo Wood Brown’s multifaceted mesh costumes reveal the undeniable vulnerability of the human form within while her textured set pieces add another dimension to the evocative sound. The score, created by Christine Bard and Nancy Zendora, is a blend of voices and music from around the world accompanied by the live performance of Rik Hambra. Performed by Marie Baker-Lee, Lara Colorado, Avery Harken, Shizu Homma, Juan Merchan, Zachary Model, and Moeno Wakamatsu.

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